Bitcointalk Account Price Estimator

Please enter the User ID or Token:
Disclaimer: Although I strive to produce accurate estimates, this estimator is by far not definitive. It may not
reflect what sellers are actually selling the accounts for. Furthermore, this estimator excludes specialty accounts
such as Staff, Default Trust, and Satoshi.
What Is This?: This is a price estimator for Bitcointalk Forum Accounts. It calculates the price based off of
recent trends in the account selling market. More information can be found on the thread on Bitcointalk
How does it Work?: The price estimator uses an algorithm which can be found on the thread's original post and
on the Github Readme file.
Where do I find my User ID?: If you go to your profile on Bitcointalk and click any of the links under Additional Information,
part of the URL will have u= folowed by a number. That number is your User ID
Where is the code?: The code is located on Github
How can I contribue?: You can contribute through finding bugs and reporting them on the issues page
on Github. You can add more to the code and submit a pull request to contribute to the code.
Lastly, if you like to support the developer, you can donate to 16mT7jrpkjnJBD7a3TM2awyxHub58H6r6Z.
What is the License?: This code is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License.

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